ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022: A Season Recap

The ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022, held from October 15th to November 13th, offered a whirlwind of cricketing action. Although not a big-league, it gave a chance for new and experienced players to show off their skills in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. This article delves into the excitement of the tournament. It provides game summaries, analysis, and highlights important moments from the season in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022.

icca arabian t20 league 2022

ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022 Tournament Format and Teams

The ICCA Arabian T20 League featured a total of eight teams:

  • Ras Al Khaimah Jebel Thop (RJT)
  • Desert Dudes (DDD)
  • Falcons (FM)
  • Pakistani Arabians (PAG)
  • Gulf Condors (GCC)
  • Knights Cricket Club (KCC)
  • Sharjah Eagles (SED)
  • Desert Gladiators (DG)
  • Multan Eites (MEM)
  • Ajman Hawks (AH)

These teams played each other in a single round-robin format, with the top four progressing to the playoffs. The matches took place in Dubai, providing a familiar ground for many players.

Key Matches and Turning Points

Early Stumbles and Close Encounters

Unforeseen circumstances led to the abandonment of the opening match between RJT and GCC. However, the following days saw some nail-biting encounters in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. DDD edged out MEM in a close contest, while FM secured a narrow victory against PAG. These early games set the tone for a competitive ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022.

Dominant Stretches and Rising Stars

The tournament witnessed some dominant performances by individuals and teams. It occurred in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. FM displayed remarkable consistency, winning several matches convincingly. Players like Mohammad Nadeem and Salman Khan Jr. emerged as batting mainstays. Bowlers such as Qamar Awan and Syed Hasnain Raza showcased impressive wicket-taking abilities. This occurred in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. Meanwhile, KCC showcased their batting prowess, with a convincing 82-run win over PAG being a highlight. Players like Usman Khan-II and Muhammad Anwar Khan displayed exceptional skills in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022.

Playoff Drama and an Eventful Final

The top four teams – FM, KCC, PAG, and GCC – battled it out in the playoffs of the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. FM continued their impressive run, defeating PAG in the first semi-final. KCC edged past GCC in a thrilling encounter marked by last-over tension in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. The final between FM and KCC was a tense affair in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. KCC posted a competitive total of 172 runs, with notable contributions from Usman Khan-II and Hammad Ahmed Khan. However, FM chased down the target with 5 wickets remaining, riding on a brilliant knock by Mohammad Nadeem (78 runs). This victory sealed their triumph in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022.

Statistical Highlights

Mohammad Nadeem of FM topped the batting charts with 389 runs. Salman Khan Jr. followed closely with 335 runs, and Moazzam Hayat scored 333 runs in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022. Qamar Awan emerged as the leading wicket-taker with 16 wickets. Syed Hasnain Raza followed closely with 14 wickets, and Amjad Gul-II claimed 13 wickets in the ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022.

Team Standings

TeamMatch PlayedWinsLossNR (No Result)Match Date
Falcons (FM)10820November 13, 2022 (Final)
Knights Cricket Club (KCC)10730November 10, 2022
Pakistani Arabians (PAG)10550November 10, 2022
Gulf Condors (GCC)10460November 10, 2022
Desert Dudes (DDD)10370November 7, 2022
Multan Eites (MEM)10280November 7, 2022
Ras Al Khaimah Jebel Thop (RJT)1010October 15, 2022 (Match Abandoned)
Desert Gladiators (DG)0000Did not participate
Ajman Hawks (AH)0000Did not participate

Analysis and Takeaways

The ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022 provided a valuable platform for aspiring cricketers. The tournament unearthed several talented individuals who have the potential to make a mark in the cricketing world. Here are some key takeaways from the season:

  • Focus on Young Talent: The league offered opportunities for young players to showcase their skills alongside experienced professionals. This blend of experience and youthful exuberance provided an exciting brand of cricket.
  • Dominant Batting Displays: The 2022 edition witnessed some high-scoring matches, with several batsmen exceeding the 300-run mark in the tournament. This highlighted the focus on aggressive batting strategies.
  • Evolving Bowling Techniques: While batsmen dominated in terms of scoring, spinners, and fast bowlers displayed a variety of skills to contain the run flow. The use of slower deliveries and variations proved crucial in restricting batsmen.

Looking Ahead

The ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022 served as a stepping stone for many players and provided a glimpse into the future of cricket. With its focus on unearthing talent and providing a competitive platform, the league has the potential to grow in stature and attract wider recognition in the cricketing world. Here are some possible areas to focus on for future growth:

Increased Media Coverage

Wider media exposure can attract a larger audience. This can also enhance the league’s popularity.

Improved Infrastructure and Facilities

Upgrading facilities can enhance the overall cricketing experience. Incorporating advanced technologies is another way to elevate it. 

Participation of International Players

In future editions, including international players could add a new dimension to the competition. It would also provide valuable exposure to domestic players.

Match Reports and Detailed Analysis

While a comprehensive report on every match is beyond the scope of this article, delving into a few key encounters can provide a deeper understanding of the cricketing action: 

Match 3: FM vs. PAG (October 17th)

  •  FM: 190/7 (20.0) 
  • PAG: 182/9 (20.0) 
  • Result: FM won by 8 runs 

This match was a nail-biter, showcasing the resilience of both teams. FM posted a formidable total of 190 runs, with Mohammad Nadeem (67 runs) and Khurram Shahzad (54 runs) anchoring the innings. PAG fought valiantly in their chase, with Mohammad Shafiq (58 runs) and Asif Raza (42 runs) playing crucial knocks. However, FM’s bowling attack, led by Qamar Awan (3 wickets) and Mohammad Shafiq (2 wickets), restricted PAG to fall short by a narrow margin.


This match highlighted the importance of a balanced bowling attack. While FM’s batsmen provided a strong foundation, their bowlers held their nerve during a tense chase, showcasing the need for a well-rounded team performance. 

Match 7: KCC vs. PAG (October 23rd)

  • KCC: 212/4 (20.0)
  • PAG: 140/10 (18.3)
  • Result: KCC won by 82 runs

 This match was a one-sided affair, dominated by KCC’s batting performance. Usman Khan-II smashed a brilliant century (102 runs) and was ably supported by Muhammad Sohail (48 runs) and Hammad Ahmed Khan (37 runs). PAG’s bowling attack struggled to contain the flow of runs. Chasing a mammoth target of 213, PAG’s batting collapsed as Syed Hasnain Raza picked up a fifer (5 wickets) to dismantle their batting line-up.


This match underlined the significance of a strong top order. KCC’s batsmen capitalized on the bowling frailties of PAG, showcasing the impact of a dominant batting display.

Final: FM vs. KCC (November 13th)

  • KCC: 172/7 (20.0)
  • FM: 176/5 (19.1)
  • Result: FM won by 5 wickets

The final was a fitting culmination of the tournament, filled with excitement and drama. KCC batted first, posting a competitive total of 172 runs. Contributions from Usman Khan-II (48 runs) and Hammad Ahmed Khan (42 runs) provided a strong foundation. FM, in response, chased down the target with relative ease, riding on a match-winning knock of 78 runs by Mohammad Nadeem. 


This match emphasized the importance of a finisher in the team. While KCC displayed good batting intent, FM’s ability to chase down the target with several overs to spare highlighted the need for a player who can close out matches consistently.


The ICCA Arabian T20 League 2022 successfully provided a platform for aspiring cricketers. The tournament witnessed some exceptional individual performances and thrilling team battles. With continuous improvement and strategic development, the league has the potential to evolve into a significant tournament in the cricketing landscape.

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