AB de Villiers: Unmatched Fastest 150 in ODI

One-Day Internationals (ODIs) display the skill and elegance of batting. While well-planned partnerships and precise shots are crucial for successful batting. On the other hand, instances of intense aggression add excitement to the game. In this context, AB de Villiers’ remarkable feat stands out. He scored the fastest 150 in an ODI match against West Indies during the 2015 World Cup. It shines brightly as a symbol of his excellence and marks a significant milestone in cricket history. This article delves into the electrifying knock, exploring the context, the fastest 150 in ODI record itself, and the legacy it has carved.

fastest 150 in odi

A Context of Ruthlessness: The 2015 World Cup Match

The stage was set at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) during a Pool B encounter between South Africa and West Indies in the 2015 World Cup. South Africa, batting first, lost their openers early. Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock departed within the first 10 overs, leaving the team at a precarious 23/2. This brought AB de Villiers onto the field. He’s known for his daring shots and talent for single-handedly changing the outcome of a game.

The Innings: A Masterclass in Power Hitting

De Villiers, unfazed by the early setbacks, took the West Indies bowling attack by storm. He started cautiously, reaching his first 50 off 43 balls. However, the next 50 runs came in a mere 21 deliveries, a clear indication of his growing intent. The boundaries began to flow freely. Strong shots down the field and bold scoops over the wicketkeeper kept the Windies bowlers on edge. Daring flicks off his pads added to the pressure they faced. The sixes soared high into the Sydney sky, each a testament to de Villiers’ sheer power and timing. He reached his century in just 31 balls, the fastest ODI hundred at the time. 

His compatriot David Miller (30 balls) has since surpassed this record. Nevertheless, de Villiers continued his onslaught, reaching the 150-run mark in a staggering 64 balls. This feat remains the fastest 150 in ODI cricket that has been ever scored. His innings were eventually halted at an unbeaten 162 off 66 balls, with 17 fours and 8 sixes. His strike rate of a staggering 245.45 left the cricketing world in awe. South Africa posted a mammoth total of 408/5, a score that proved too much for the West Indies to chase. Key statistics of AB de Villiers’ knock:

  • Runs: 162 (not out)
  • Balls Faced: 66
  • Fours: 17
  • Sixes: 8
  • Strike Rate: 245.45


The Legacy of a Record-Breaking Innings

AB de Villiers’ 64-ball fastest 150 in ODI has transcended the boundaries of a mere record. It serves as a testament to his exceptional talent, audacious approach, and the sheer entertainment value he brought to the sport. The knock continues to inspire young batsmen. It showcased the potential of aggressive, yet calculated, strokeplay in the limited-overs format.

A Flood of Limits: Recalling de Villiers’ 64-Ball Masterpiece

The stage was set at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) during a crucial Pool B encounter. South Africa, batting first, needed a strong total to assert dominance against a formidable West Indies bowling attack. Enter AB de Villiers, the middle-order batsman renowned for his ability to accelerate the innings. Walking in at a strategic juncture (140/3 in the 30th over), de Villiers unleashed a whirlwind of boundaries. 

He combined exquisite timing with audacious strokeplay, leaving the Windies bowlers bewildered. Fours and sixes rained down relentlessly as he reached his 50 in a mere 16 balls, the fastest in ODI history at that time. The onslaught continued unabated. His century arrived in a staggering 31 balls, shattering the previous record held by his compatriot, Shahid Afridi. The crowd roared in appreciation, witnessing a display of sheer batting brilliance unfold. De Villiers, however, wasn’t satisfied. He continued to find the boundary with alarming regularity, reaching his fastest 150 in ODI with a jaw-dropping 64 balls.

This unprecedented feat broke the record previously held by Shane Watson (83 balls) by a significant margin. The innings showcased power hitting and exceptional hand-eye coordination. It also demonstrated an unflinching temperament. De Villiers remained unbeaten on a staggering 162 runs from just 66 deliveries, with 17 fours and 8 sixes. His knock propelled South Africa to a mammoth total of 408/5, a record at the time in World Cups.

Breaking Down the Record: Unveiling the Grandeur of de Villiers’ Feat

De Villiers’ 64-ball fastest 150 in ODI wasn’t merely about speed; it was a testament to his exceptional ability to dominate bowling attacks at will. Here’s a closer look at the factors that contributed to the grandeur of his achievement:

Unmatched Strokeplay

De Villiers possesses a vast array of strokes. This allowed him to score boundaries from almost any delivery. Throughout the innings, his ability to switch between conventional and unorthodox shots kept the Windies bowlers guessing. It was a constant challenge for them. This versatility, coupled with his record-breaking fastest 150 in ODI, cemented his place as one of the most destructive batsmen of his generation. His remarkable feats solidified his reputation in cricket history.

Exceptional Hand-Eye Coordination

The speed at which de Villiers picked the length and line of the ball was remarkable. This allowed him to time his shots perfectly, sending them sailing over the ropes with ease. Fearless Mindset: Playing in a high-pressure World Cup match, de Villiers displayed remarkable composure. He wasn’t afraid to take calculated risks, which played a crucial role in accelerating the scoring rate. 

Capitalizing on Loose Deliveries

While de Villiers’ strokeplay was undoubtedly exceptional, it’s important to acknowledge that he also capitalized on the occasional loose delivery from the Windies bowlers.

AB de Villiers’ Fastest 150 in ODI

Advanced 360° Player

Earning the nickname “Mr. 360°,” de Villiers possessed the ability to score runs all around the wicket with innovative strokeplay. His repertoire included unconventional shots like the lap sweep, the reverse flick, and the scoop, leaving bowlers bewildered.

Exceptional Cricketing Mind

De Villiers wasn’t just about brute force. He possessed a sharp cricketing mind, adapting his game to different situations. He could play anchor roles when needed while also switching gears to launch a blistering attack.


De Villiers had a knack for scoring big runs in crucial matches. He holds the record for the most centuries (25) by a South African batsman in ODIs and several other batting records, showcasing his consistency and ability to perform under pressure.

Impact on South African Cricket

AB de Villiers’ influence on South African cricket has been immense. He inspired a generation of young players with his flamboyant style and aggressive approach. His success on the international stage not only brought glory to the nation. It also reshaped how teams play ODI cricket. Retirement and Legacy: AB de Villiers announced his retirement from international cricket in 2018, leaving a void in the cricketing world. However, his legacy as a record-breaking batsman and a true entertainer continues to inspire players and fans alike.

The Aftermath: A Record Set in Stone

The cricketing world stood in awe. De Villiers’ innings weren’t just about the speed; it was a testament to his ability to dominate bowling attacks at will. The sheer audacity of the knock, coupled with the timing – a high-pressure World Cup match – cemented its place in cricketing folklore. The record remains unbroken. While players like Jos Buttler have come close with scores of 150 in 65 and 76 balls respectively, de Villiers’ mark stands tall as a symbol of his unparalleled ability to score rapidly.

The Legacy of de Villiers’ Fastest 150 in ODI

De Villiers’ 150 transcended the realm of mere statistics. It served as a source of inspiration for aspiring young batsmen. It showcased the potential of innovation and audacious strokeplay in the limited-overs format. His knock also highlighted the changing dynamics of ODI cricket. With the introduction of powerplays and smaller boundaries, batsmen are increasingly adopting aggressive approaches. They are pushing the boundaries of scoring rates. De Villiers’ innings not only secured a crucial victory for South Africa but also served as a defining moment in his glittering career. It cemented his reputation as one of the most destructive and innovative batsmen of his generation, a player who could single-handedly change the course of a match.


AB de Villiers’ fastest 150 in ODI 2015 World Cup stands as a testament to his exceptional talent and ability to push the boundaries of the game. The innings not only rewrote the record books but also served as a source of inspiration for aspiring cricketers. While future challengers may contest the record, de Villiers’ legacy as a master of audacious strokeplay will endure. Cricket fans will remember him as a true entertainer of the game, etched in the minds of cricket fans forever.

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