Cricket Helmet: Best Cricket Helmet Price & Review

For cricketers, Cricket helmet is like a guardian. This provides them essential protection against fast-flying cricket balls. Let’s break down why they hold importance, what comprises them, and how to select the perfect one.

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Who Needs a Cricket Helmet?

Typically, batters wear helmets, but so do wicketkeepers. If there’s a fielder close to the batter, like at short leg or silly point, they wear one too.

Junior Cricket Helmet Rule

In England & Wales, junior cricketers under 18 must wear helmets. The design and testing should focus on junior cricket balls. The size should be smaller than adult ones.

Why Wear a Cricket Helmet?

A cricket helmet is a protective gear that shields your head when playing cricket. It’s worn by cricketers of all ages to stay safe in case a cricket ball comes their way.

Protecting the Head and Face

The primary purpose of a cricket helmet is to shield the head and face from potential injuries caused by cricket balls traveling at high speeds.


Wearing a helmet that fits well makes batsmen feel more sure of themselves. With this, they can concentrate on playing without worrying about getting hit.

Styles of Cricket Helmets

Cricket helmets come in various styles, each with its unique features and advantages. Let’s break down these styles:

Traditional Helmets

Traditional helmets feature a fixed grill that extends across the face. Many professional cricketers prefer them because they offer excellent protection.

MODERN Helmets

Designers create modern helmets with removable grills. Offering flexibility for players who prefer a visor-like attachment for better visibility.

Full-Face Helmets

Full-face helmets provide the utmost protection by covering the entire face. Coaches recommend them for players who face extremely fast bowlers.


Many helmets now come with advanced ventilation systems and comfortable padding. The main reason is to ensure players stay cool and comfortable during extended periods on the field.

What Makes a Helmet for Cricket Good?

Choosing the right cricket helmet is crucial for safety. Here’s what to consider:


A well-fitting helmet is essential. It must fit just right, not too loose, and not too tight. Measure your head’s circumference above your eyebrows, above your ears, and around to the back to find your size.

How Should it Fit?

A cricket helmet should sit snugly on your head without moving when you run. The chin strap should be secure, not loose.

Weight: Lighter Is Better

Whether you’re batting or keeping wicket, a lighter helmet is more comfortable during long matches.

BrandHelmetHead Circumference
MASURI Junior Small 51-54 cm
 Junior Large 54-57 cm
 Small (Men’s) 55-58 cm
 Men’s 58-61 cm
 Large (Men’s) 61-64 cm
BrandHelmetHead Circumference
SHREYYouths 51-54 cm
Small (Men’s) 54-57 cm
Standard 58-61 cm
 Extra Large61-63 cm

Lightest Cricket Helmets

Some brands claim to have the lightest helmets. For instance, the Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium and Shrey Koroyd. They are titanium helmets that are exceptionally light.


Safety is the primary reason for wearing a cricket helmet. Pick a well-known brand that’s famous for making safe and high-quality products. Recommended brands such as Masuri, Shrey, Kookaburra, Gray-Nicolls, and Gunn & Moore.

Vision Concerns

The grille in front of the helmet can limit your field of vision, but it’s crucial for safety. A cricket ball won’t get through.

Generation Gap

Younger cricketers grow up wearing helmets. While some older players may not have used them during their youth. Regardless of age, wearing a helmet is vital.

When to Replace Your Cricket Helmet

If your helmet gets hit by a cricket ball, check for damage. You don’t need to replace it every time, but if it’s significantly damaged, a new one is essential.

Don't Compromise on Price

Don’t cut corners when buying your cricket helmet. It’s like investing in your safety, and a low-cost helmet might not keep you safe enough.

Price Range

In India, cricket helmet prices range from below ₹1,000 to ₹11,250 or more, with junior helmets at the lower end. Lighter helmets typically cost more due to their materials and features.


The best cricket helmet is one that fits well, is from a trusted brand, and makes you feel safe.

11ic Cricket Helmet Top Review

1. Masuri VS Elite Titanium Grill Cricket Helmet

11ic cricket helmet masuri

Masuri makes top-quality helmets for sports, especially for professional players. They use advanced technologies like HALO, EYE LINE, AIRFLOW, and TWIN SHEEL in their cricket helmets.

The Masuri VS Elite Titanium Grill helmet is part of their best series. It’s made for advanced players. It’s light, strong, and provides excellent protection. The helmet has special vents that let air in, so you stay cool when you play.

2. Ayrtek PremAyr Cricket Helmet Blue Size Medium

Ayrtek is a well-known sports brand that makes great gear for skilled players. The PremAyr helmet uses special ABS shell tech and something called ACIS (Air cushion impact system) tech. These make it comfortable, safe, and fit you perfectly. Also, it’s a light helmet that keeps your head steady.

3. Moonwalkr Helmet Mind Size Large

Cricket fans who watch IPL love this helmet. Guess what? Big players like Dinesh Kartik use it. The Moonwalkr Mind cricket helmet is the first one in the world that protects your lower head without needing something extra. This makes it lighter and safer. It also has 30 air holes, so you don’t sweat too much.

4. Shrey Master Class Air with Stainless Steel Grill

11ic cricket helmet shrey

Shrey is a brand for pros, trusted by big cricket stars. These helmets use modern tech and materials to make the game better. They’re light, so players can keep their heads and bodies steady. They have a fixed grill for safety and a new airflow system. Plus, they protect your sides and face more.

5. Gray-Nicolls Ultimate

The Gray-Nicolls Ultimate Cricket Helmet offers 360º protection. It has a detachable ‘Test Neckguard,’ robust shell, and comfortable fit. You can find it for approximately ₹8,500.

6. SG Carbo Fab

SG is a trusted brand known for its great sports gear. International players like Hardik Pandya and Cheteshwar Pujara use the SG Carbo Fab cricket helmet. These helmets use carbon tech for top protection. You can adjust the grill by coating it with a powder. The padding inside makes it comfy and absorbs shocks, and the fabric soaks up sweat.

7. Shrey Pro Guard with Titanium Steel Grill

Pro players really like the Shrey Pro Guard with its titanium steel grill. It’s light and has a system to keep you cool while playing. Soft padding makes it even more comfortable. That’s why it’s a popular and affordable choice among players.

8. SG AeroTech 2.0

The SG AeroTech 2.0 Cricket Helmet lives up to its name by offering advanced technology and features. It’s made to last with a strong carbon fiber material. You can shape the top part for a comfy fit, and the inside fabric takes in sweat. You can adjust the high-quality steel grills, and the helmet has padding and vents for better airflow.

9. Forma Pro Axis Titanium

Forma cares a lot about player safety, and their Forma Pro Axis Titanium Cricket Helmet shows it. It’s made with plastic on the outside for a comfy fit and head protection. Inside, there’s a soft inner shell for more comfort. The visor makes sure you’re well protected, and the titanium grill helps you see better. The straps are safe and easy to change.

10. Albion Cricket Helmet

Albion is a respected sports company. They make cricket helmets from strong polypropylene material, which makes them tough and bendy. These helmets have a quick-fit system for more comfort. They also have a fast-release lock, foam pads to soak up shocks, and they look good, all without costing too much.

Where to Buy Cricket Helmets?

For a wide selection of cricket helmets, check out reputable sports equipment retailers. You can also check online stores in India. Brands like Masuri, Shrey, Kookaburra Cricket, Gunn & Moore, and Gray-Nicolls are readily available.


11ic Cricket Helmet Review: Your cricket helmet is your shield on the pitch. Invest in one that fits well, prioritizes safety, and gives you peace of mind. Don’t compromise on price when it comes to your well-being. Stay safe and enjoy the game!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the costs mentioned here are estimated. They may vary depending on the brand, model, and retailer. Always follow safety guidelines and recommendations from cricket authorities.

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