Women’s IPL 2023: A Look Back at the Final Standings

The Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL), a significant event in the history of women’s cricket, finished its first season in March 2023. This new chapter gave a chance for talented female cricketers to shine. To remember the games and see how the teams did, let’s look at the final standings of the Women’s IPL 2023 using the 11ic.com women’s IPL live score points table.

women’s IPL live score points table

Women’s IPL Live Score Points Table on 11ic.com

11ic.com, a popular cricket website. They provide comprehensive coverage of the Women’s IPL 2023. 1ic includes a user-friendly women’s IPL live score points table. This table displayed the following information for each team:

  • Team Name: The full name of the participating franchise.
  • P: Played – The total number of matches played by the team. W: Won – The number of matches won by the team.
  • L: Lost – The number of matches lost by the team.
  • NR: Net Run Rate – A metric used to compare teams based on their run rate differential.
  • Pts: Points – The total points earned by the team (2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss).
  • NRR: Net Run Rate (additional column) – A detailed breakdown of the net run rate for each team. 

By analyzing these data points, fans could easily track the team’s performance throughout the tournament. They could understand their position in the league and compare their standing with other teams.

Final Standings of the Women’s IPL 2023

Here’s a snapshot of the final standings of the Women’s IPL 2023 based on the 11ic.com women’s IPL live score points table:

RankTeam NamePWLNRPtsNRR
1Delhi Capitals (DCW) (Qualified)20124+1.85624+1.856
2Mumbai Indians (MIW) (Qualified)20115+1.71122+1.711
3UP Warriorz (UPW) (Qualified)2088-0.20016-0.200
4Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCBW) (Eliminated)20610-1.13712-1.137
5Gujarat Giants (GGT) (Eliminated)20412-2.2208-2.220

Key Takeaways from the Standings

Dominant Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals emerged as the table-toppers. They showcased consistent performance throughout the tournament. Their strong bowling attack and explosive batting lineup proved to be a winning combination. 

Mumbai Indians’ Resilience

Mumbai Indians are popular for their never-say-die attitude. The team secured the second spot despite facing initial setbacks. Their ability to adapt and overcome challenges played a crucial role in their success. 

UP Warriorz Show Promise

Despite finishing third, UP Warriorz displayed immense potential. Several young players made a name for themselves. They will be a force to reckon with in future editions.

Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gujarat Giants Fall Short

Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gujarat Giants, despite having talented players, failed to find consistency. They also failed to secure a spot in the playoffs. They will aim to learn from their experiences and come back stronger in the next season.

The Significance of Women’s Live Score Points Tables

Live score points tables like the one offered by 11ic.com play a crucial role in enhancing the fan experience of cricket tournaments. They provide: 

Real-time Updates

 Fans can stay updated with the latest team standings and individual player performances throughout the match. They can also stay updated throughout the entire tournament. 

Comparative Analysis

The table allows fans to compare the performance of different teams. They can assess their strong points and areas for improvement. 

Predictive Insights

ased on the women’s IPL live score points table and trends, fans can make informed predictions about the outcome of upcoming matches. They can also predict the overall tournament. 

Increased Engagement

The dynamic nature of the live score points table keeps fans engaged. They can be actively involved in the ongoing cricketing action.

 In summary, the Women’s IPL 2023 was an exciting journey for the teams and fans. The final standings, shown by the 11ic.com women’s IPL live score points table, give useful insights into the team’s performance and suggest ways to improve. 

As the Women’s IPL grows, these live score points tables will be important for fans and analysts. They’ll help track the league’s progress. Celebrate the achievements of the talented female cricketers!

Individual Brilliance in Women’s IPL 2023

The final standings provide a team-level perspective. It’s important to acknowledge the individual players who shone brightly throughout the Women’s IPL 2023. Here are some noteworthy performances:

  • Highest Run Scorer: Smriti Mandhana (Royal Challengers Bangalore) emerged as the leading run scorer with an impressive tally of 587 runs. She showcased her exceptional batting skills.
  • Most Wickets Taken: Renuka Singh (Delhi Capitals) spearheaded the bowling attack with 25 wickets. She demonstrated her pace and accuracy.
  • Emerging Player Award: Richa Ghosh (UP Warriorz) received the coveted Emerging Player Award. This highlighted her talent and promising future in the game.

These individual performances, alongside the women’s IPL live score points table, paint a complete picture of the Women’s IPL 2023. Furthermore, it contributed to the overall success and popularity of the tournament.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Women’s Cricket

The inaugural season of the Women’s IPL has been a resounding success, paving the way for a brighter future for women’s cricket in India and globally. The tournament has:

  1. Increased Visibility: Provided a platform for female cricketers to showcase their talent and skills to a wider audience. Plus, it attracted new fans and sponsors. 
  2. Inspired Young Girls: Empowered young girls to pursue their dreams in cricket. Inspired them to break barriers and achieve their full potential. 
  3. Promoted Professionalism: Created a professional environment for women’s cricket. It fostered better infrastructure, training facilities, and player development initiatives.

Moving forward, the Women’s IPL is Expected to:

1. Expand its reach

Attract more international participation, both from players and franchises. This will further enrich the league’s competitive landscape.

2. Improve Infrastructure and Facilities

 Invest in creating world-class infrastructure and training facilities. This will support the growth and development of women’s cricket in India.

3. Increase Player Compensation

As the league gains popularity, player salaries and benefits are expected to improve. This will attract and retain top talent. 


The Women’s IPL is not just a cricket tournament; it’s a catalyst for change. It has the potential to revolutionize women’s cricket not just in India but also globally. This could pave the way for a future where female athletes receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve. 

By understanding the past through the final standings and the 11ic.com women’s IPL live score points table, and recognizing individual brilliance, we can appreciate the remarkable journey of the Women’s IPL 2023. We can also look forward to its continued growth and positive impact on the future of women’s cricket.

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