What is Diamond Cricket League T10 ?

The Diamond Cricket League T10 is a professional cricket tournament where teams play 10-over matches. It’s designed to be exciting and fast-paced for cricket fans. It brings together clubs and players from different cricketing countries. Giving new talents a chance to show their skills. The tournament has a round-robin format, meaning each team plays against all the others before moving to the semi-finals and finals. It happens at one location in the evening to attract viewers worldwide.

This event has become very popular, with lots of fans and media coverage. People get live updates, highlights, and analysis. It’s one of the top T10 leagues globally because of its unique style and fun games.


History of Diamond Cricket League T10

In 2018, the Diamond Cricket Board introduced the Diamond Cricket League T10 as a form of cricket in which each team competes for a brief duration. The Diamond Cricket Board, an organization with the aim of promoting cricket across numerous countries, established this league. The inaugural tournament in 2018 received positive feedback. It has since become an annual event, steadily gaining popularity with each passing year.

Teams and Players in Diamond Cricket League T10

The Diamond Cricket League T10 brings together cricket players from all over the world. Teams in this league have a mix of local and international players, which makes it unique. It’s not just an exciting sport for cricket fans, but also a stage for new talents to show how good they are. Let’s take a closer look at some of the teams in this special league.

Karachi Kings

These guys are from Pakistan and are really good at this cricket league. They’ve won the championship three times, so everyone knows they’re strong. They have some great batters like Shahid Afridi and Babar Azam.

Dhaka Dynamites

These players are from Bangladesh, and they have a lot of good local players. Shakib Al Hasan is one of the best all-rounders globally and plays for them. They often make it to the semi-finals, showing they’re pretty good.

Colombo Lions

They originate from Sri Lanka and earn recognition for their formidable bowling. Players like Lasith Malinga and Nuwan Kulasekara contribute to the team’s challenging bowling. They frequently reach the semi-finals.

Mumbai Heroes

These guys are from India, and they have some legendary batters like Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma. They often reach the semi-finals because they’re really good.

London Spartans

They represent England and have fantastic players like Eoin Morgan, Moeen Ali, and Jason Roy. They consistently make it to the semi-finals, showing there are lots of talented players in the league.

Other teams might join in the future, bringing in famous players from different countries and giving new talents a chance to shine.

Schedule and Venues of Diamond Cricket League T10

The Diamond Cricket League T10 shares its schedule and locations a few months ahead of time. It’s usually in September or October, lasting for about two weeks. The tournament uses a round-robin style, and they play the matches in well-equipped cricket venues. They choose these places based on the weather, the quality of the pitch, and how close they are to big cities.

They set the match times in the evening to make it easy for people all over the world to watch. The first game begins at 7:00 PM local time, and the last one starts at 10:00 PM local time. You can find the tournament schedule on the official league website and in the media so fans can plan when to watch.

Schedule and Venues of Diamond Cricket League T10

The rules of Diamond Cricket League T10 closely align with standard cricket regulations, with a few variations. Key rules of the league include:


Each team gets to play an inning, and it lasts for 10 overs. That’s a short but exciting game!

Bowling Quota

The team fielding must bowl at least 5 overs during the opponent’s inning. This ensures fairness in the game.

Bowler's Limit

A single bowler can only bowl a maximum of 2 overs in a match. This rule makes the game more interesting.

Super Over

If the match ends in a tie, there’s a “super over” to decide the winner. It’s like a tiebreaker to make things more thrilling!

No Powerplay

 Unlike some other cricket formats, there’s no powerplay in this league. It means there are no restrictions on where fielders can be during the first few overs.

Fielding Positions

During the overs without powerplay restrictions, each team can place two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. This gives the batsmen more challenge.

Free Hit

If a bowler delivers a no-ball, the batting team gets a “free hit” on the next ball. That means they can’t get out except through a run-out!

Overseas Players

A team can have a maximum of 4 overseas players in the playing XI. It promotes a mix of local and international talent.

Maximum Players on Field

Only 8 players from each team can be on the field at the same time. It keeps the game dynamic and strategic.

Tournament Format

The tournament uses a round-robin format, where each team plays against all the others once. Then, the top teams move on to the semi-finals and finals. It’s a fair way to determine the champion.

These rules make the Diamond Cricket League T10 an exciting and competitive cricket format.

While these represent the primary regulations of Diamond Cricket League T10, event organizers may make amendments or introduce additional rules as deemed necessary. Always refer to the league’s official website or other reliable sources for the latest updates on league rules.

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