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For any cricketer, batting gloves are more than just protective gear. They’re an extension of your hand. It offers you the confidence and control you need to dominate the crease. When it comes to premium batting gloves, Adidas stands out as a brand. This brand is synonymous with quality, performance, and innovation. Let’s explore what sets Adidas cricket batting gloves apart and how they can enhance your performance on the field.

Adidas Cricket Batting Gloves

Adidas Cricket Batting Gloves Unmatched Quality

Adidas prioritizes high-quality materials in their cricket batting gloves. It ensures both durability and optimal performance. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Premium Leathers

The top-of-the-line gloves utilize Pittards® leather. They are popular for their exceptional softness, suppleness, and grip. Sheep leather is also commonly used, offering excellent durability and flexibility. These premium leathers provide a superior feel for the bat. In addition, they enhance control while facing fast bowling.

Enhanced Protection

Multi-layered padding shields your fingers and knuckles from the impact of the ball. High-density foams and strategically placed inserts absorb shock effectively. This minimizes the risk of injuries.

Comfort and Breathability

Breathable mesh panels and ventilation keep your hands cool. They make you feel comfortable throughout the innings. This promotes better dexterity and prevents sweat build-up. This will lead to a more enjoyable batting experience.

Durable Construction

Reinforced seams and high-quality stitching ensure the gloves withstand the rigors of the game. Additionally, strategically placed reinforcements on key wear and tear areas. Such areas are the palm and thumb, which enhance longevity.

Performance-Driven Features: Tailored for Different Playing Styles

Adidas offers a variety of cricket batting gloves tailored for different playing styles and skill levels. Choose from finger designs, cuff styles, and padding levels. Find closure systems that best suit your needs. Some key features to consider:

  • Finger Design: Choose from traditional full-finger gloves for maximum protection. For enhanced flexibility and grip, opt for fingerless or cut-finger styles.
  • Cuff Styles: Opt for long cuffs for extra wrist support and protection. If you want a better range of motion, choose shorter cuffs.
  • Padding Levels: Select gloves with varying levels of padding depending on your preference for protection versus feel. Pro players often opt for thinner paddings for maximum feel. However, beginners might prefer thicker padding for confidence.
  • Closure Systems: Velcro straps or pull-on designs offer different levels of adjustability and fit.

More Benefits

Adidas cricket batting gloves offer a wide range of options. This brand already has a trusted reputation and stylish designs. These benefits, combined with their superior quality, make them a valuable investment for any cricketer. Their performance-driven features also contribute to their value.

Popular Adidas Cricket Batting Glove Series


  • This top-of-the-range series prioritizes performance.
  • It features premium Pittards® leather, strategically placed padding, and innovative features.
  • These include reinforced finger loops and moisture-wicking materials.


  • Designed for comfort and flexibility.
  • This series utilizes high-quality sheep leather and mesh panels for breathability.
  • Ideal for players who prioritize comfort and a natural feel for the bat.


  • Offers a balance of performance and affordability.
  • The XT series is suitable for both amateurs and club-level players.
  • They feature durable construction and comfortable padding.
  • Plus, they have various features depending on the specific model.

Additional Benefits of Choosing Adidas Cricket Batting Gloves

Wide Range of Options

Adidas caters to all levels of players. They offer a diverse range of gloves across various price points and features.

Brand Reputation

Adidas is a trusted brand in the cricket world. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation. 

Style and Design

Adidas gloves come in various colorways and designs. It can match your personal style and cricketing preference.

Tips for Choosing the Right Adidas Cricket Batting Gloves

  1. Consider your playing style and skill level.
  2. Prioritize comfort and a good fit.
  3. Experiment with different features and padding levels.
  4. Set a budget and choose a glove that meets your needs for the perfect Adidas Cricket Batting Gloves.
  5. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from experienced cricketers or professionals. 

Specific Glove Models

FeatureAdipower (Premium)Adipure (Mid-Range)XT (Budget-Friendly)
LeatherPittards® Digital 2.0Sheep LeatherPU
PaddingMulti-layered EVA with strategically placed insertsComfort-focused multi-layered paddingEVA padding for key areas
WeightLightweightLightweight to mediumMedium
Price RangeHighMid-rangeLow

Adipower 2.1 Pro

  • This premium glove boasts Pittards® Digital 2.0 leather for an unmatched grip in all conditions.
  • Its multi-layered EVA foams with placed inserts absorb shock effectively.
  • These gloves offer exceptional protection even against fast bowling.
  • Reinforced finger loops and a secure wrist closure enhance durability and prevent slippage.
  • It focuses on performance and protection. This makes it ideal for professional and advanced players.

Adipower X-Lite

  • This minimalist glove prioritizes unprecedented feel and flexibility.
  • Made with lightweight microfiber PU and strategically placed padding.
  • Adipower X-Lite offers maximum dexterity and control while maintaining essential protection.
  • The pre-curved finger design ensures a natural fit and reduces bulk.
  • This glove is perfect for experienced players who value a direct connection to the bat. 


  • Crafted with soft and supple sheep leather.
  • These gloves provide superior comfort and flexibility.
  • Breathable mesh panels keep your hands cool and dry throughout the innings.
  • The multi-layered padding offers moderate protection while maintaining a natural feel.
  • This glove is ideal for beginner and recreational players. Particularly to those who focus on comfort and a relaxed fit.

Adipure 1.9

  • This model takes comfort and flexibility a step further. This is because of its ergonomic pre-curved fingers.
  • It naturally adapts to your hand shape, reducing break-in time and enhancing feel.
  • The lightweight PU construction offers improved breathability compared to traditional leather gloves.
  • This glove is perfect for beginner and recreational players.
  • If you want a supportive and comfortable fit, these gloves are for you. 

XT 3.0

  • This durable PU construction glove strikes a balance between performance and affordability.
  • The EVA padding in key areas provides impact protection. On the other hand, the comfortable finger rolls ensure a secure grip.
  • Honeycomb mesh panels on the back of the hand enhance ventilation for all-day comfort.
  • This glove is suitable for club-level players.
  • It’s perfect for those seeking a reliable and value-driven option. 

XT 1.0

  • This budget-friendly glove offers the essential features needed for club-level play.
  • The traditional PU construction ensures durability.
  • Strategically placed padding protects against moderate impact.
  • The secure velcro wrist closure provides a comfortable and adjustable fit.
  • This glove is ideal for beginner and intermediate players.
  • They are perfect for those looking for a basic and affordable option. 

Conclusion: Elevate Your Game with Adidas Cricket Batting Gloves

Opt for Adidas cricket batting gloves. It’s guaranteed you’re investing in gear made for top performance, comfort, and durability. Adidas offers a range of gloves designed for different playing styles and skill levels. They use high-quality materials and innovative features. The right gloves can boost your confidence and performance on the field. So, choose wisely and experience the excellence of Adidas cricket batting gloves!

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